What Happened When I Tried Bumble

Saying you met your boyfriend online is becoming more and more common, but that doesn’t mean the horror stories and jokes about the subject are going away anytime soon. Some of my favorite content is when people share their dating horror stories, and boy do I have a lot, so I thought I’d make it fun and share some with y’all.

I sent out a tweet a few weeks ago about wanting to join a bunch of dating sites just to see what happens and then blog about it. The positive feedback to that tweet was so immense that not going through with it would have been a crime.

So here we are, about to talk about Bumble.

The Buzz Around Bumble: I tried the popular dating app so you don't have to | College with Caitlyn

What is Bumble?

Bumble is a dating app that tries to focus more on relationships than hook-ups. So a more adult Tinder.

Side note: I actually have used Tinder before. I had an active profile over a year and a half ago and actually got two dates out of it, but eventually deleted it. Of course, I’ll share those stories eventually.

Back to Bumble, though.

The profiles on Bumble are actually hidden until you pull them up. I find this sad sometimes because some guys may have really funny bios but I will never know because I never took the time to check them out. I’m a chronic left swiper. (I’m really picky.) But luckily, with Bumble you have the ability to backtrack. If you shake your phone, Bumble asks if you want to go back to the last person. However, you can only do this four times a day.

I really like how the pictures are vertical and take up the whole screen as well. Much easier to make someone out when they’re not crammed into a tiny square in the upper half of the screen.

Bumble is known for its “girls message first” policy. After you have a connection with someone, you only have 24 hours to send a message. The connection disappears forever if you don’t send a message within that time frame. This made me sad a first, but then I realized it weeds out all the boys you don’t care too much about actually getting to know me.

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I mean, if I really liked someone I would send them a message as soon as possible, right? And Bumble even takes it one step further! After you send your first message, the guy has 24 hours to respond. So again, if he doesn’t respond in that window he wasn’t all too interested in you anyway. No losses there.

My Experience

I’m pretty dang disappointed with my Bumble experience.

First off, the boys were nowhere near as cute as they were on Tinder. (Yeah I said it.) They were also mostly older than I wanted to chance. Boys 23 and upwards. This makes sense though, as I said before, Bumble is supposed to be more relationship based.

Which would have been nice had any of the boys I swiped right and connected with actually wanted to talk to me.

Unlike on Tinder, I got no inappropriate messages. Which also meant I had no horror stories to share. But there was one really funny message I got. I remember I loved it so much I literally ran upstairs screaming at my friend.

bumble conversation

Because I can tell you’re dying to know, he stopped responding after he realized I wasn’t going to meet up with him. How very Tinder of him.

Final Verdict

Bumble is fun. Its girls message first and 24 hour policy make it great for weeding out guys who don’t actually care. But I don’t think it’s popular enough to leave a lot of guys left after weeding out the others. (This may just have been my location but I did use it in five different states and plenty of cities so I doubt it.)

If you’re looking for an app where you can just look through hot guys, this is probably not the app for you. However, if you’re tired of apps known for hookups and want to go through the extra effort to weed out the bad seeds and message first this app is for you. Or if you just get bored and need some hand exercise, this would work as well.

Have you ever used Bumble?

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  • I actually met my boyfriend on Tinder almost two years ago haha! I never had Bumble, but one of my good friends did and she thought all the guys were hotter than the ones on Tinder!

    • That’s so cool! I follow your blog and I never would have guessed you met your bf on Tinder!


    • My fiance and I met on Tinder! I love knowing other couples that met there too!

  • Hahaha I’m crying at those messages! Loved this post :)

    • Thanks Abigail! I knew you would appreciate this. I’ll be sure to let you know if I get anything else warranting a screenshot.


  • I met my fiance on Tinder and I love reading other people’s experiences using social media apps.
    I think I definitely need to write a dedicated post about using Tinder.
    Can’t wait to read about your Tinder date experiences!

    Darrian |

    • So many people have said they’ve found relationships on Tinder! Maybe it’s hasn’t worked for me because I’m always searching around college towns. Haha

      And you should totally write about your experience!


      • My fiancé goes to West Point which is technically a college town so I think it depends on the town!

  • Those messages were hilarious! I have a few friends who are in serious relationships and they met their boyfriends on Tinder!

    • I was dying laughing after he sent the first message. Glad you enjoyed them, too! And so many people have reached out and told me that they’ve found people through Tinder! So strange to me, but I guess that’s because I only ever get on it when I’m near my college. Lol

      Thanks for commenting Danielle!


  • I love hearing about people’s dating app experiences – on my old blog I had “Lorna’s Adventures in Tinderland” and I’m thinking about starting it up again on my new blog! I’d love to read your post about Tinder…

    • That’s such a cute series name! If you started it back up I would totally read it!! And I think I am going to share my old experiences with Tinder before I have any new ones!

      Thanks for commenting, Lorna!


  • I tried Bumble for a while and honestly, I had some of my better conversations with guys through that rather than Tinder! I never met up with anyone, but simply talking to them was nice. Loved this post!


    • I haven’t met up with anyone either, but I will agree that the few conversations I have had have been nice. Thanks for reading Jasmin!


  • I used Bumble for a little and I definitely think the guys on there are a lot nicer than on Tinder! However, I did meet my boyfriend on Tinder haha so I guess that kind of contradicts my statement.

    Lauren //

    • Dang so many girls found their bf on Tinder! I gotta get back on there it seems. Lol


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  • So mad at myself for just seeing this comment, but hey better late than never! I’ve been using Tinder and Bumble a lot more recently so I may or may not have a second installment coming soon!