My Tinder Horror Stories

Y’all absolutely ate up my first edition of my new Let’s Talk About Boys series! And a lot of you were commenting asking me to share my past Tinder experiences, so how could I not?

Here’s the backstory:

I downloaded Tinder in February of my freshmen year of college. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and was feeling super lonely. So silly me turned to an app known for hookups looking for a nice guy who wanted a relationship.

I found the app fun and addicting. I never ran out of guys to swipe through since it was during the school year and the campus was always crawling with thirsty men. The app was so addicting that I would find myself reaching for it instead of Twitter or Instagram most times, and honestly, I didn’t see an issue with that. This was also at a time that I was trying to stay off of social media.

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I meet up with two guys through Tinder. For the sake of anonymity, we’re going to nickname them the Possible Catfisher and Mister Meet the Family.

My Tinder Horror Stories: The stories of my first two Tinder dates |College with Caitlyn

Possible Catfisher

The first night I downloaded Tinder I immediately got a superlike. And he was hot. So I liked him back.

This was over a year ago so I don’t remember exactly what went down, but I remember we chatted a lot and then moved to Snapchat.

(Which is always a great idea with online dating because then you can confirm they look like they say they do! And it’s easier to block someone on Snapchat than it is to block them off your phone.)

Eventually, I gave him my number and asked him out. We had plans to see a movie at the nice theater a little outside of downtown. I took the bus there and waited for him inside. Soon, a boy walked up to me smiling and asked if I was Caitlyn.

It was the Possible Catfisher. But he didn’t really look the same as his pictures (hence the nickname). Not like he was a completely different person, but like how people only send and post pictures that they look hella good in. In shorter terms, he wasn’t as hot in person. Still cute though.

During the movie, he placed his hand on my knee but quickly removed it after I kept fidgeting. It wasn’t that I wanted him to, I just can’t sit still during a movie.

After the movie, we went to Barnes and Noble. You read that right. A guy went to a bookstore with me. He must be amazing right? Well, just keep reading.

My bus home was coming soon, so he walked me to the bus stop. This was in February so it was freezing, and I wasn’t used to the Kentucky winters yet. He noticed I was shivering so he wrapped his coat around me. Swoon.

At the bus stop, he asked me on a second date. I said yes. Then I remembered I already had plans that day. So I told him that, and he said, “Well maybe another day then.”

After that, I barely heard from him, and within a week I had no replies whatsoever. I was ghosted.

The story doesn’t end there though.

A few months later, I remembered the Possible Catfisher. So I search him on Facebook and saw that he has a girlfriend. He may have ghosted me and caused me emotional pain, but I was happy for him.

Then, when I downloaded Bumble this summer guess who popped up? I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw his face on my screen again. And as I chuckled I deliberately swiped left.

Not again bud.

Mister Meet the Family

Soon after Possible Catfisher went AWAL I found Mister Meet the Family on Tinder.

I almost didn’t swipe right, but he seemed like the kind of guy that was cuter in person. And he ran track. I’m a sucker for anything track related.

I woke up the following morning to a snow delay and a message from Mister Meet the Family asking me to be his Tinderella. At the time I thought it was super cute because I had never heard it before. But weeks later I realized it was a common line guys used. Oh, well.

Anyways, this guy went to my school and agreed to meet up for lunch with me on campus one day. The conversation was pretty good, so we meet up a few more times for lunch as well. (And one time I spilled a whole glass of water on my phone. It’s casual.)

downtown cincinnati

Eventually, he kinda asked me out. Basically, he wanted to give me a tour of downtown because I told him I was scared of big cities. He said downtown was beautiful though and I needed to see it.

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A day or two later he informed me that his family decided to have his older sister’s birthday party that night. He told me half joking, half serious that I could come with and then we could go on our date. And I said yes.

Yes, I went to a guy’s sister’s birthday party for our real first date. But wait, it gets even better.

When we got there he faltered while trying to introduce me. Obviously torn between what to label me. I can’t recall what he settled on. I do, however, recall that his mom offered me wine, which I graciously turned down.

The night was only a tad bit awkward. Mostly because his family was super funny and I loved hanging out with them. They were funny people.

There is one conversation that happened that night that I will never forget.

His uncle was asking him if he had listened to a radio show called The Second Date Update. When he said no, the uncle went on to narrate the episode. It was about a guy who met a girl on Tinder. He asked my date, “You know what Tinder is right?” And I kid you not this kid’s face goes red, his eyes go wide, he shoots me a scared look, and goes, “Yeah, sure I know what that is.”

It was in that moment that I definitely knew he hadn’t told his family where we met.

After dinner, he took me downtown and we walked for like 10 minutes before he said it was late and he needed to get back.

We texted a few times over the next few days, but then he came clean and told me he broke up with his ex-girlfriend super recently and wasn’t ready for anything else quite yet. Something I totally related to at the time. We bonded over that and I chatted with him a couple more times before we drifted apart.

He now has a girlfriend and they are super cute together.

So those are the two dates I got out of Tinder. I hope you enjoyed the because I always enjoy telling them.

Have you ever been on a Tinder date?

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  • OMG these guys, haha! I feel like so many great/funny stories come out of Tinder and Bumble. One time, I tried meeting a funny and charming guy from Tinder who goes to school on my campus, but he’s a commuter and said he’d meet up with me on a Saturday morning by the school theatre. I had NEVER gotten as far as to make plans with anyone on Tinder, so I was excited and super nervous. I woke up and got dressed and walked to the theatre from my dorm and waited like 30 minutes, and even messaged him to let him know I was there and he NEVER showed! On my way back to my dorm he messaged me freaking out like “omg I’m so sorry my alarm didn’t go off” and said he could get dressed and meet me there, but I didn’t feel like walking back so I was just like it’s cool, maybe another time, and we never spoke again lol. Thanks so much for sharing these, Caitlyn!

    Jasmin |

    • Oh my goodness!! That’s so funny! I wonder if he actually meant he would meet you since you guys never spoke again. Lol thanks for commenting and sharing that Jasmin!


      • Lol it’s honestly still a mystery to me. I tried Bumble also and had an awesome conversation with this one guy who was SO cute and sweet and loves going to the gym as much as I do, and then we realized that we were both at the gym at the same time but walked right past each other and didn’t even realize until afterward!

        • No way! That’s super funny! Did you guys talk at all about that??

  • Makaela Premont

    That’s hilarious! I’ve heard of Tinder but I would be too scared to meet someone online like that. But they make for some great stories to tell later!

    -xo, Makaela

    • I wasn’t nervous at all until like a couple hours before the first time! Mostly because my friends were freaking out about it. And it wasn’t scary at all the second time since I was met him on campus. Thanks for reading Makaela!


  • vernsavestheworld

    This is so funny! I love hearing about Tinder stories from my friends at school, haha!

    xoxo, Veronica

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this Veronica!! This was one of my favorite posts to write! And Tinder stories are some of my fav things to hear, too!


  • I think any date has the potential to be awkward! I actually find online dates to be less awkward though because you already know the other person is interested! Thanks for reading and commenting Madison!


  • My Sprinkle of Prep

    These are so cute, I could never tell or admit to my parents that I met someone online or on Tinder so I slightly feel is pain. Honestly the second story sounds like something I would pull off, inviting a guy to a family function at the last minute. At least your dates don’t sound extremely terrible. Thanks so much for sharing!
    megan //

    • When I went on those dates I made up stories as to how I met the boys, but now I think if I did meet a boy online that I would tell my parents. I mean I blog about it so why not? Lol Thanks for reading and commenting, Megan!


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