June Mood Board | Setting the Vibe for Summer 2018

    I wish there was a cool way to say happy June. Kinda like the, “it’s gonna be May” thing? Oh well, I guess that intro will just have to do.

    June’s mood board is a little less cohesive than my past ones (see March, April, May), but I don’t think there could be anything more accurate about how I want my June to play out.

    I honestly just started with the photo of the pink drink and worked around that to create this montage of how I visually want my month to play out. So the colors of this month weren’t all that intentional, but after looking up their meanings, I found they have a lot more to do with what I want to get out of June than I thought they would.

    june 2018 mood board

    When I first thought about creating this mood board I thought it was going to be mostly stuff with me being a “girl boss” to help with me starting my very first (and dream!!!) internship this Monday. But I realized that while yeah I would be working 45 hour weeks, I didn’t want my whole summer to just be work like it was last summer. So instead, I focused on things I wanted to do this month.

    Because of this, I don’t really have intentions like I usually share in my other mood board posts. Instead, this one is more of just a pure bucket list – which I guess does draw a similarity to last month’s mood board. Actually bucket list isn’t the right word, because these aren’t things I want to do only once, more so things I loved and missed while I was abroad and can’t wait to implement into my life again. But I don’t think there’s a word for that so we’ll just stick with bucket list for now. Read more…

    How to Get Out of a Depressive Funk

    As I write this I’m on a bus back from Edinburgh to Glasgow. A trip I wanted to take to see a few things I missed on my first visit and to finally meet another study abroad friend I had been talking to online for a couple months. I also thought going to Edinburgh would be a nice little day trip to get me out of my usual surroundings. Lately, Glasgow has been really burning me out.

    And turns out I needed this trip more than I thought.

    You see, yesterday morning when I was all ready to go, bag packed and about to walk out the door, I literally almost started crying. I didn’t want to go. I got scared. Of what? I’m not sure. I’ve been to Edinburgh before for two days completely alone before with no issues. I should have been excited to go back to the city!! Especially since I had found some nice vegan cafes and knew all the cherry blossoms were in full bloom all around the city and castle.

    But instead there I was standing in my flat’s doorway, about to cry, trying to get myself to not just go lay in bed all day. I even tried to compromise with myself. “Just go to a cafe here and work Caitlyn. Go back to that vegan coffee shop on the West end.” And while I really wanted to listen to this voice, I just kept repeating, “If I don’t get on that bus I’ll regret it.” So I walked the five minutes to the bus station and got on that bus.

    The hour bus ride there I was going back and forth between silently cursing myself for going and praising myself for doing something my mind was screaming at me not to do. But as soon as I stepped off that bus and went to my first destination, the Scottish Portrait Gallery, I immediately felt better. No more regrets, no more sad feelings, no more weird funk. I felt reenergized and ready to allow myself to enjoy life again.

    How to Get Out of a Depressive Funk: 7 things to try when you're feeling down and don't know how to feel happy again

    I had been in a weird funk since Wednesday, so I was glad to be back as myself. The exact same kind of funk I was in for almost two months when I first came abroad. I felt depressed, lonely, my social anxiety was awful and caused panic attacks if I had to even think about leaving my room. But because I’ve dealt with this weird funks my whole life actually (just never to the extreme I have experienced here) I’ve picked up on quite a few things that help me survive and not want to give up completely.

    Appreciate other people’s art

    Over the past few years, I’ve slowly discovered my love for art. I always loved reading, but it wasn’t until I got to college that I also discovered my love of drawing, painting, and photography. Then after going to a hundred million museums here in Europe, I realized I have a thing for just looking at other people’s art, not just creating it.

    Sometimes I get in a weird funk because I feel like I’m not creating enough, or the right things. And that has definitely played a part recently. I’ve taken so many photos since being abroad, and editing them has just become this huge chore I never want to do. So when I went to Edinburgh this week, I purposefully left my DSLR at home and just went out to enjoy everything through my eyes, and not a lens. Read more…

    Stepping out of my Fashion Comfort Zone in Double Pastel Suede

    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on a product link, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love or use myself!

    Hi hello my party people!! And¬†happy Friday! Today we got another outfit post from the beautiful Copenhagen! I think it’s so funny that I’ve talked about Denmark on my blog more than Ireland when literally everyone who follows me on Instagram knows how much that country means to me.

    Anyway, since we had such great weather in Copenhagen, I have another spring outfit for you! And one that is quite different than my recent fashion instincts. Super fancy, pink (who even am I!?), and statement jewelry. This was totally something I would have worn a couple years ago when I was more into fashion trends and trying new things, but lately, I’ve been in such a rut with fashion. However, I’ve been so inspired recently and am excited to go back to the States and have access to all my clothing pieces.

    Keep scrolling for the deets!

    Read more…

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