Extra Holiday Outfit: Styling White Booties

    Today I’m sharing what I wore for Christmas Eve dinner with my family. Obviously, I’m super extra so I had to dress up just to drive over to my grandma’s. Gotta be looking good for the cute neighbor boys!

    I’m super duper excited to share these photo because it snowed!! For the first time that I can remember I had a white Christmas! Granted it only snowed an inch or less, but it was still super magical. The snow is actually still on the ground in some places because it’s been so cold here the past week. Like I’m talking a high of 18 degrees or less!

    christmas eve snow holiday outfit

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    What My Blogger Secret Santa Gifted Me

    I freaking love giving gifts. Like more than I love buying myself things, which says a lot considering my huge shopping addiction. Seeing someone open a gift I picked out just for them is the best feeling on the planet so I just had to join this year’s Blogger Secret Santa hosted by my good friend Abigail along with Cathleen.

    Shopping for my blogger was a real blast and you can see who I got along with every one else here, but now we’re going to talk about my secret Santa!

    My secret Santa was Jasmin from Macarons & Mascara!

    Jasmin was so so sweet and really paid attention to my likes and got me a gift perfectly crafted for my tastes. I’m one hundred percent in love with everything she got me, but mostly the card. Like, look at this card with cats all over it!! This is me in a nutshell. AND IT MOVES Y’ALL! Ugh, I want to play with it all day.

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    3 Things to Try When You’re Struggling to Fall Asleep

    3 Things to Try When You're Struggling to Fall Asleep: The techniques I used to go from it taking me three or four hours to fall asleep to passing out right away | College with Caitlyn

    If you didn’t know, the month of November was a really rough one for me because sleep just wasn’t in my cards. It wasn’t that I didn’t have time to sleep, my body just refused to fall asleep. Lovely right? It had gotten so bad that I couldn’t remember what we did in class and I would always go straight back to bed after coming home for the day. And I don’t take naps.

    The final straw for me was when it took me about four hours to fall asleep one night. When I got up the next morning I hopped on Instagram stories and asked for your help. I was going to test out melatonin, but found I didn’t need it after I started testing out a few of the tricks y’all provided me and that I’ve learned over the years. Read more…