What Traveling Abroad Taught Me About Life

    This post has been long overdue. I’ve had a sticky note with a rough draft of the key points written out for about four months and have been home for three and a half. So like I said, long overdue.

    Plus, I wasn’t sure if people were still interested in my study abroad experience since it ended months ago, but a quick Twitter poll convinced me otherwise. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter to have a say in future posts!

    So as the title of this suggests, I’m going to be talking about what I learned while studying abroad. And honestly, it’s more general than that, and all that I’m going to talk about could easily be applied to any trip abroad I’d think. So whether you’re going to be living in another country for a week or for four months, reading this post might help you prepare for the mindset you’re going to be in while there, when you’re back and what to expect in general.

    Since I have had a lot of time to think about what’s going to go into this post, it’s going to be long. And maybe a little emotional. You’ll just have to keep reading to find out.


    Going to Europe, going outside the country for the first time, or studying abroad, whichever you want to say caused it, changed me and made me want to make some changes to my life when I returned to the states. Some of these changes were good and affected me positively, while others made my mental health take a dive either while abroad or when I came back. Other things I learned didn’t want me to make changes to my life, they just shifted my outlook and view on life.

    We really are the same

    Everyone obviously has different traits and personalities and ways of doing things and accents and ways of life and appearances, but as cheesy as it sounds, we really are just human.

    Having never been out of the country before, anytime I would meet a foreigner or study abroad student, I was always fascinated by them. And I remember my classmates being the same in high school – always fawning over the new kids from Europe, Asia, Australia or where ever they were from. Read more…

    Third Quarter Book Reviews

    Hi hello. Sorry I’ve been really absent with the book talk basically all year. The last time I wrote a book review post was back in January. Oops. But I have a good reason: I’ve barely read anything!

    I’ve read eleven books since I last talked about them, which means I’m still six books behind on my reading goal. *Cries*

    Today I will be reviewing seven of those eleven books. I’m excluding a poetry book I read and three books from a series I will be putting in a post all their own! So get hype for that.

    But without further adieu, let’s talk books!

    Third Quarter Book Reviews 2018 College with Caitlyn

    Girls and Sex

    If you’ve read any of my book review posts before, then you know I have this thing for books with IPV because I took a class about consent freshman year of college. So when I read the description of this book instantly thought it would be a great read, and I was right!

    This book was a great insight into the culture surrounding sex and not just with college-aged girls. The author interviews girls in high schools, too! I had someone think it was weird that I was reading a book about sex, but the book is not about sex itself. It’s about how girls view sex and how it integrates with relationships with friends and partners and oneself. The author also talks about how sex is viewed in different cultures and how Americans may learn to make sex less taboo, in effect maybe making unsafe sex less common in the States. Read more…

    September Mood Board | Romantic and Relaxed

    September is here and school is back in full swing! I feel so in order and like I have a hold of life right now and it feels amazing. I’m not too stressed with anything school related (yet) and I’m still living on that high of being back in familiar territory and being top dog around school.

    Which feels hella weird by the way. Like I’m a senior? I’m the person all the freshmen look up to and want to be or want to date (LOL at them freshmen boys staring at me in the gym). It’s just a strange feeling since I haven’t been the “oldest” since high school. Wow.

    Enough of that tangent because this post has nothing to do with me being a senior. It has to do with my intentions for September!

    My September intentions are to start stretching more often, keep up a self-care routine, watch TATBILB and allow my romantic side to run wild.

    Those last two are definitely connected. Just saying. Read more…

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