My First Pub Crawl Outfit (& talking fresh starts)

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    Yay first outfit post in Scotland! No way these are disappearing while I’m abroad since I’ve been taking a lot of my own photos recently. Bless you, tripods and phone apps for letting me shoot remotely. I also used my 50mm for the first time to take some outfit photos and OMG GUYS THE BOKEH. I’M OBSESSED.

    If this outfit looks any bit familiar to you at all, it’s probably because you saw my low-quality snap of it before going out on my very first pub crawl!! Yes, I’m of legal drinking age here and it’s been a weird change. Like I can just walk into a store and buy alcohol! (I’ve done it twice now.) And I can just stroll into pubs and order whatever I want! It’s going to be weird to go home and not be able to do either of those things. Oh well, I’ll only have to wait until August.

    So I actually had the hardest time picking out an outfit for this pub crawl. Like I was literally thinking about it 24 hours before. I knew I wanted to wear this tight skirt and fishnets, but I wasn’t sure about anything else. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard, so I kept the top very conservative and decided to go with flats instead of booties. But the shoe choice was also partly because I was going to be drinking and I wasn’t sure I could walk in heels tipsy. That’s an experiment for another time my friend.

    Choosing my lipstick was another big decision and I took to Twitter to decide if I should wear red or purple (y’all said red so I’m sorry!) so follow me to help me with other decisions I have!

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    January Favorites 2018

    It feels so weird to me that it’s now February but not for the usual reasons that people complain about every month. For me, it’s weird because I’ve barely even started school and we’re already in the second month of the year. I had the longest winter break of my life this year since I’m studying abroad this semester and classes didn’t start until literally last week.

    Good thing is that since I’ve had a bunch of free time in January so I’ve had a lot of time to get try out new things! Keep scrolling to find out what I’ve been loving.

    Unexplained Podcast

    It’s no secret I’ve been loving podcasts lately. I’ve been all but raving about Lore since I found it back in October, but the time has finally come when I’m all caught up on episodes and have to wait for new episodes.

    In the meantime, I’ve found a new podcast to fall into. This time it’s Unexplained narrated by Richard Maclean Smith. He has a great podcast voice and sometimes I even listen to it at night to help me sleep. (Is it weird that creepy stories put me to sleep? Lol)

    Sadly, I’m basically already caught up on this one too. Oops. But the third season is supposed to be coming out super soon!

    cat pearl earrings

    Cat Pearl Earrings

    I’ve been wearing these almost daily since Abigail gave them to me for Christmas! I haven’t worn pearl earrings in years, so this is super different for me, but I love how they class up every outfit! And I mean they have cat ears!!

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    Books I Read in January 2018

    January Book Reviews 2018: six book reviews | College with Caitlyn

    I feel like I haven’t written anything about books in ages but I just had a book post go up less than a month ago! Granted, that was my favorite books from all of 2017 and not really individual book reviews so I haven’t really written real reviews since my October reviews.

    I had taken a break from sharing my book reviews because I got super burnt out on books. I was forcing myself to read books I didn’t find all the interesting and making myself read them as fast as possible to make it seem like I read quite a bit. So I took a step back from sharing my reading habits here on the blog and it really helped me tap back into my love for stories and why I love reading. Not to show off how much I read, but to escape my life and jump into another exciting one.

    Since I didn’t share all the books I read in November or December I’m including two from that time period in this post as well! Oh, and most of these I read as ebook versions so I don’t have personal pictures of them. Read more…