July Favorites 2017

    It’s finally the best month of the year! My birthday month!

    But before I start celebrating that I wanted to get on here and share what’s been up with me the past month. I wasn’t quiet on the blog in July, but I went a little MIA on Instagram and Twitter because I went on a two week vacation to the Pacific Northwest! If you didn’t know, I actually lived there for seven years of my life.

    It was so great to go back and visit my high school besties and explore the area more than when I did while living there.

    July Favorites 2017: Fashion, music, and summer fun | College with Caitlyn

    I don’t want to keep you on the edge of your seat too long so let’s get right into these favorites, shall we? Read more…

    How to Build the Confidence to Workout in a Sports Bra

    I used to live for the days I could go running in a sports bra and shorts. There’s just something so freeing about removing that one thin piece of clothing. I remember I would never want to put it back on after it took it off, because it feel so good to feel the breeze on my back and whipping past the bare skin of my stomach.

    This was about two years ago. Now I would never dare run around my neighborhood (or the neighborhood over) with just a sports bra on. Why? Because I’d be embarrassed.

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    How to Build the Confidence to Workout in a Sports Bra | College with Caitlyn

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