Ariana Grande Vibes: OTK Boots and Sweatshirt Dress

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    I had zero intentions of dressing like Ariana Grande on purpose. I promise. It just sorta happened.

    A couple weeks ago I got this sweatshirt from Aerie, and quickly returned it for an XL when I realized I could easily wear it as a dress. Best decision ever!! I also just ordered it in the dark gray color, too!

    I haven’t worn it with anything else yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s going to become one of my “I’m cold in my apartment” sweatshirts and wear it to bed every night. Plus, did I mention it has pockets!? Um, sold.

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    Blogger Secret Santa Reveal

    Merry Christmas y’all!! Just wanted to pop on here real quick to share what my blogger secret Santa got me, and who it was!

    But first, I wanted to say thank you to Abigail for organizing this gift exchange! I did this for the first time last year and it was so fun. You can see what everyone else in the exchnage got here!

    What I Recieved

    My secret Santa KILLED it!! It was Steph Crandall and she literally got me the perfect gifts. I’ll show you guys what I got in the order I opened it.

    Well, before unwrapping anything, I opened the card. Duh. And yet again, I got an amazing cat pop-up card!!

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    DIY Salon Acrylic Nails At Home

    diy acrylic nails

    I have always dreamed of having long beautiful nails. You know, those nails that you can tap on everything and that make you seem so elegant and put together?

    Like I remember forcing my mom to buy me those stick on nails as a kid. And I also remember being so frustrated when they would fall off every five minutes. So when I heard my co-worker say she used glue-on nails I was skeptical. Turns out, they’re one of the best things that I could have tried.

    What kind of nails do I use?

    The first pack I bought were the Kiss Naturals in the stiletto shape. After I used all of those, I ordered two one-hundred packs off Amazon of the stiletto shape again. However, this time they weren’t the natural nails, so they aren’t as thick, and look strange when worn without polish. They are longer and pointer though. Neither differences were a big deal for me since I always paint them and always file them down quite a bit.

    All of Kiss’s nails have a tiny number on the bottom to tell you the size so you don’t have to waste time trying to sort them yourself, too. The smaller the number, the larger the nail. I haven’t tried their already painted nails, but I feel like they would work the exact same, you just can’t buy them in bulk. 

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