July Favorites 2017

July Favorites 2017

It’s finally the best month of the year! My birthday month!

But before I start celebrating that I wanted to get on here and share what’s been up with me the past month. I wasn’t quiet on the blog in July, but I went a little MIA on Instagram and Twitter because I went on a two week vacation to the Pacific Northwest! If you didn’t know, I actually lived there for seven years of my life.

It was so great to go back and visit my high school besties and explore the area more than when I did while living there.

I don’t want to keep you on the edge of your seat too long so let’s get right into these favorites, shall we?

Muscles and Donuts shirts "thick thighs x thin patience"

Muscles and Donuts shirts

You know those annoying Instagram adds that pop up and you’re like, “No I don’t want to buy a $200 dollar purse or another freaking life planner. Leave me alone Instagram!”

Well, one day I was casually scrolling through my feed when I saw a cute flatlay with a shirt that said “Thick thighs. Thin Patience.” So I liked it. Then I realized it was a sponsored post. I clicked through to their page and loved their feed so I clicked on their website and fell in love with their shirts and knew I had to have some.

I waited a few weeks and then I finally gave in and ordered the shirt I originally saw and one that said, “Brains Beauty Booty.” And y’all I feel like such a gym rat when I wear them. I love it. I will totally be ordering more in the future.

They even sent me a coupon code just for ordering to use next time! Talk about great customer service.

kayaking lake cushman


I totally didn’t plan this, but I visited four lakes while out west. I ain’t mad about it though because we don’t really have any here in Kentucky.

While I was back in Washington, I wanted to visit Lake Cushman. A lake famous for its huge rocks to jump off of, but unfortunately, a bunch of trouble makers were drinking there so we skipped that. We ended up kayaking for three hours, and even though I burnt my arms and legs, I didn’t want to get off the water.

Before this month I had only ever been kayaking twice. I’ve been in love with the activity since the first time I went out on the water. Anything to do with being on the water you can sign me up for.

One of the other lakes was one I visited a lot in high school, and it was nice to be back. I spent most of my time there tanning and reading (the lake had a lot of algae and it made my skin feel slimy). I honestly could have stayed there all day if that was an option.

Then, I spent my last two days at Mason Lake with my friend and her family. I got to finally try paddle boarding (way harder than it looks) and learned how to wakeboard! And let me tell you now, I was sore for days afterward. It takes major forearm strength that I literally couldn’t squeeze my shampoo bottle for a day or two after.

One day I hope to live near a lake so I can kayak, swim, and tan whenever I want.


If you remember, I got my first DSLR back in April. I was complaining about how no one was letting me take their pictures, but problem solved!! While back in Washington I got to meet up with some old friends and they were totally down to be models. Luckily they were patient with me while I fiddled with the settings and posed them.

I basically became my best friend’s photographer while I was there, too. While going through pictures to post of my trip on Facebook I quickly realized the majority of them were of my friend and not me. Oops.

victoria photo shoot

victoria photo shoot

wakeboarding mason lake

lake cushman

lake cushman

I was actually trying to get her in focus, but I didn’t have my glasses or contacts so everything in the viewfinder was blurry. I really like how this one turned out though!

Other that becoming my friends’ 24/7 paparazzi, I also took a stab at some nature photography.

mason lake sunrise

mason lake

These were actually taken at about 5:30 in the morning. I had no intention of getting up that early, but boy am I glad my body decided it was time to get up. I only wish I had gotten up that early again for a sunrise kayaking adventure. Next time.

I feel like I’m finally starting to get a hang of the whole composing pictures thing, but editing is still stumping me. I really don’t like editing pictures on my laptop. I much prefer using the apps on my phone. Anyone else or just me?

And if you have any photography tips or editing tricks I’d love to hear them!

Shawn Mendes

I’ve been a fan of Shawn’s since Stitches hit the radio back in the summer of 2015. Slowly my love for him grew as I heard more of his music and spent hours looking up his old YouTube videos. Then Illuminate hit stores and I was full blown in love. I literally used to tear up when listening to Mercy. Those vocals though!

And lucky me, he had a concert in Seattle while I was on vacation in Washington! I actually tried to buy tickets for it about a year and a half ago but my mom told me no. But there was no way I was missing this concert if he and I were going to be so close to each other! So I hopped on StubHub, bought tickets, and convinced a friend of mine to come along with me.

Holy cow you guys he is even more gorgeous in person. And my friend, who doesn’t even like him, told me she gives him mad respect for sounding so good live. So I may be biased, but he really is an amazing artist.

shawn concert key arena seattle, wa 2017

Also, I swear to God we made eye contact and I’m still not over it.

The concert was such an experience and I hope I get to see him when he tours again one day.

What were some of your favorites in July?

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  • I’m obsessing over DSLR’s! I have my eye on a Canon T6i and I might use the money I made through blogging to buy it. The photos you took are awesome by the way!

    Jasmin |

    • Thank you for the sweet words, Jasmin! And you should do it! I don’t know much about Canons, but I know I’ve heard good things about the T series!


  • Sofia Solis Balbin

    Amazing photos! I love photography as well, I am a newbie though.

    • Awe thank you Sofia! What kind of camera do you have?


  • I’m going kayaking this weekend and your picture made me even more excited for it! Your photography looks amazing, keep it up! I saw Shawn Mendes open for Taylor Swift a few years ago and he was really good! I can’t stop listening to the remix of There’s Nothing Holding Me Back, it’s so catchy.

    Lauren //

    • Oh man I wish I was going kayaking again! Have fun Lauren!

      And omg I wanted to see him open for Taylor, but she had switched openers for that leg of the tour. Oh well, I’m so glad I finally got to see him! And that’s one of my favorite songs of his!


  • Jane Dee Wylie

    One of my favorites this month is also the lake! I love to fish, but I’d really like to try paddle boarding. Have you ever ventured into paddle boarding? I hear it’s a ton of fun and also a great work out.

    • I haven’t been fishing in years! Since I was a little girl I think. And yes I did try paddle boarding! It totally is a great workout. Keeping your balance is so difficult! Thanks for reading Jane!


  • Yay for taking photos! I told myself I would take photos as a hobby again and not just for work (i.e. food ), but I still have yet to go on an adventure this summer :/

    • This summer when I first started getting into it I was just shooting stuff I found in my backyard and my sister. You don’t have to go far to get great pictures!! Thanks for reading Rebecca!


  • One of my favorites this month has been Panera Mac’n’Cheese! I love it so much!
    Skye –

    • I’ve heard such good things about their Mac’n’cheese!! I’m not a big cheese person though, so I doubt I’ll ever buy it for myself. Maybe steal a bite of a friend’s though. Haha thanks for commenting Skye!


  • Sian Hexter

    Love the post! One of my favourites this month has also been getting into photography :)

    • That’s awesome Sian!! What kind of camera do you shoot with??