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    Packing to Study Abroad: What I Wish I Brought

    Today is going to be the first in a three-part series of what to pack when you study abroad. This post will be sharing what I wish I had packed, next will be what I actually packed, and the last installment will be what I wish I hadn’t packed. So stay tuned for all of those to come!

    One of the biggest concerns (let’s be real, my biggest concern) I had with studying abroad was making sure I brought enough clothes to make outfits for four months and still being under the weight limit of my suitcases. I managed to make the weight easily, but I still had a decent amount of room in my suitcases which stressed me out. It tricked me into thinking I hadn’t packed enough, or at least not the right things. And well I was somewhat right.

    I’ve really struggled to put together outfits since being here. One because I brought pieces I actually never wore back home, but I thought bringing them here would force me to wear them. Lol no they just sit in my wardrobe. Two because I didn’t really think about outfits and just threw a ton of neutral pieces in my suitcases. Which is fine, my closest is mostly neutrals, but I left my favorite statement color tops at home which sucks because sometimes I do want to wear color. Especially when it’s dreary and I need to something to cheer me up. Aka everyday Glasgow weather.

    There are a couple things I wish I brought that aren’t clothes, as well. So let’s find out what those are!

    Packing to Study Abroad: What I Wish I Brought | Everything I wish I had packed in my suitcases before flying to Scotland for four months | Caitlyn Stone

    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on a product link, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love or use myself! Read more…

    My First Week in Scotland

    International Student's Thoughts after One Week Abroad: dealing with culture shock, making friends, and exploring Scotland

    I’ve been in Scotland for about nine and a half days now. I didn’t plan on doing a study abroad update this early into my adventure, but there was an overwhelming amount of you asking for an update. So here I am delivering!!

    This is basically going to be very similar to my Conversations with Caitlyn posts but exclusively about my life in Scotland so far.

    My Flat

    After almost 22 hours of traveling, I was hype to finally arrive at my flat on campus.

    I live with seven other international students and I promise you it’s not as bad as it sounds! We all have our own bedroom and then there are two bathrooms, two showers, and a kitchen that we all share. I did a little flat tour on Instagram stories last week, so make sure you follow me there to get little inside looks at other things in my life abroad!

    The only complaint I have about the flat is that the showers are tiny! I’m talking maybe two feet by two feet. And the shower head doesn’t move and blasts straight into the opposite corner, so there’s nowhere to stand in the shower and not be getting sprayed. I have no idea how I’m going to shave my legs while I’m here.

    Also, not all my flatmates are here on exchange. Some are here to do their whole undergrad and at least one is here to complete her masters. One of the other NKU students actually lives in the same flat as me, but I have yet to officially meet him. Read more…

    Everything You Need to Know about Flying into the UK to Study Abroad

    Everything You Need to Know about Flying into the UK to Study Abroad: Things I learned and wish I knew before flying to the UK | College with Caitlyn

    Currently writing this from my dorm room in Glasgow. Whoop whoop!

    I flew into Glasgow three days ago and let me tell you it was a trip. Flying doesn’t really stress me out, but security does, so the thought of international customs was very overwhelming. It ended up being not too bad (besides a couple minor hiccups) so I thought I’d share my experience and what I learned during the whole ordeal. I thought it might help anyone nervous about their own flight into the UK. Read more…

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