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    Two Days in Edinburgh Solo: A Travel Diary

    This post has been a long time coming. Meaning I literally went to Edinburgh a month ago and I’m just now getting this up. It would have been up way sooner, but I got annoyed that I had hundreds of photos to go through and just put off editing them for two weeks. It’s casual.

    What matters is that I am here now to tell you all about the beautiful and historic city of Edinburgh!! A city I really want to go back to soon because I didn’t get to do everything I wanted. Plus, Edinburgh is so much more my vibe than Glasgow is. There. I said it.

    2 Days Solo in Edinburgh: Everything I did in the historic city over two days as a solo female traveller

    Getting to Edinburgh

    Lucky for me, getting to Edinburgh from Glasgow is super easy. There’s a bus to Edinburgh that runs literally every 15 minutes from the bus station across the street from my school. How convenient right?

    I left a little after noon since I had a class that morning, and got to Edinburgh in just barely over an hour. I spent most of the time listening to music and watching the countryside flash by out the window. The bus even had wifi so I could listen to music that I didn’t just have saved on my phone, too! That wifi worked a gazillion times better than the wifi on the train I took to Liverpool!! Like Virgin Trains, you need to step up your game!

    I made sure to have the walking directions to the hostel I was staying at pulled up on Google Maps before I got off the bus. No one wants to be lost in a foreign city.

    Where I Stayed

    I had a reservation at St. Christopher’s Inn hostel right across from Waverly train station. It was the very first hostel I had ever stayed at and I was very impressed!!

    I stayed in a female dorm with four three-bed bunkbeds. There were lockers for each bed, and we all shared one bathroom. But of course, there were other bathrooms in the hostel, just on different floors. The shower looked nicer than the one I have in my flat, but the temperature sucked! The water was either freezing cold or scalding hot and nothing I did changed that.

    For one night, I only paid like £10 so I’m not trying to complain at all. I actually loved the hostel and can’t wait to spend nights at some more across the UK! Maybe I’m just weird, but I sleep best when there are other people near me, so being in a room with like 11 other girls made sleeping a dream.

    Day 1

    Since I had to check into the hostel, it was already past 2 p.m. before I could start exploring. I had a faint idea of where I wanted to go so I just headed down the west end of the Royal Mile, which was only a block south of my hostel. Read more…

    One Month Abroad

    So somehow it’s already been over a month since my first study abroad update. Say what?

    Time is flying by so fast here and I’m actually okay with that because it’s motivating me to get all my traveling done. Which I have done quite a bit of since we last talked!! I’ve also made two friends and am getting close to some of the other international students and my flatmates. Plus, I’m finally completed adjusted!! Well culture-wise, but not education system-wise. But keep reading to find out more!

    My Travels so Far

    I’ve explored almost all the major attractions in Glasgow, took a trip to Liverpool and Edinburgh, fulfilled my childhood dream of seeing Loch Ness, and went on two tours hosted by my university.

    I won’t be talking about my trip to Liverpool or Edinburgh in this post because they were so long and deserve their own post.

    First Uni Tour

    I was excited about the tour because I hadn’t really gotten to go to any international events yet, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to meet people. But LOL no because I’m antisocial and just listened to podcasts on the bus there and went off on my own to take pictures.

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    Kelpies statues falkirk scotland

    The Kelpies

    The first stop was The Kelpies statues in Falkirk. They are literally just big statues off the side of the motorway, but apparently, they are one of the biggest tourist attractions in Scotland. I loved the mythology behind the artwork and if you don’t know what a Kelpy is, then you should Google it because they are some interesting creatures. (Hint: they aren’t actually horses) Read more…

    7 Hours in Liverpool: A Travel Diary

    Last weekend I went on my first “real” adventure since coming to Europe! I crossed the border from Scotland into England to not only meet up with Kat from Yours Truly, Katrina but also to explore the Titanic exhibit they had in a museum! While that was my main reason for going there, Liverpool ending up being so darn beautiful! I really wish I had more than seven hours in the city.

    Let’s detail what I did manage to explore in my short time there though! And I’m going to throw in a few places I wish I got around to visiting as well.

    train tickets to liverpool

    Glasgow to Liverpool

    I took an 8 a.m. train to Liverpool Lime Street Station from Glasgow Central. I had to wake up at 5:55 to make sure I had time to not only eat breakfast but also to do my makeup and get dressed as I asked Kat beforehand to take some pictures for an outfit post. (You can see that post here!)

    It was my first real train ride, and not just a short 5 minute trip to the West Side of Glasgow so I was stoked.

    I had a reserved seat and sat in it, but a lot of people didn’t sit in their reserved seats and had to move when we stopped at platforms and more people got on. There were also these four guys drinking beer. At 8 a.m. LOL. You okay guys?

    I did have to switch trains Preston and literally almost missed the train because I couldn’t figure out how to get across the tracks to the other platform. Long story short, there was a little hidden passageway underneath the platforms.

    On the train, I got to see so much of the Scottish and English countryside and it was beautiful! Plus, I got to see all the seasons. It literally was sunny when I left Glasgow Central, then halfway to Preston, it was snowy on both sides and so foggy that I couldn’t see more than 20 feet outside my window. Within ten minutes it was sunny and there was no snow in sight. Read more…

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