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    13 Differences Between Scotland and the States

    If you didn’t know, I just got back to the States (I never know if I should capitalize that or not??) about 10 days ago. Before that, I was over in Scotland for almost five months studying abroad and traveling around the UK and Europe.

    I knew pretty early on that I was going to do a post like this. People always ask about Scotland so I thought sharing differences would be the best way to give you more insight into what the country is really like.

    13 Differences Between Scotland and the States

    Basic Vocabulary

    Of course, Scottish people have an accent compared to Americans, so that would just be dumb to include, but they also have quite a few vocabulary differences as well. Some are things I had heard of before, and others completely surprised me.

    • Cheersthis is thank you and hi and bye and everything over there
    • Joined up writingalso known as cursive here
    • Fitnow this word seems simple enough but it can mean hot in addition to athletic there
    • Pantsthe one that caused me the most trouble because I’m so used to any bottom being pants, but no, pants to them are underpants
    • Footballthis is soccer and probably the most know vocab change
    • YousI was told this is more of a Glaswegian thing, but I definitely heard people from other cities say it as well. It’s basically the Scottish y’all
    • Lorrysemi truck. No idea how lorry makes any sense at all
    • Toiletyou don’t ask where the bathrooms are, you ask where the toilets are
    • Holidayyou don’t go on vacation, you go on holiday
    • Chipsfries
    • Biscuitcookie
    • Crispschips
    • Campgay

    Read more…

    My Final Study Abroad Update

    Well as I write this, I’m on a plane to Chicago wedged up against a window with a sweet old British woman to my left. My study abroad adventure is over. And since I haven’t written a study abroad update since early April, I thought I’d write one last post to detail everything I got up to in the last month and a half.

    Of course, I still have so many study abroad themed posts ideas and drafts floating around in my head, so don’t think that content will disappear from the blog (or the Insta feed) anytime soon my friends.

    victoria and albert museum


    Way back in February I planned my trip to London. The only reason I planned it so early was because I had booked a ticket to go into the Harry Potter Warner Bros studios, and I knew from Amelie’s post that I would have to book it months in advance to find a time that would work for me.

    I was blessed with amazingly warm weather for every day except one while I was there. I even got sunburnt a little on my second day there!! And I got to see the Queen’s 92 Birthday Concert!! Honestly, I don’t care one bit about the royal family, but when I found out Shawn Mendes was performing you can bet your booty I bought a ticket ASAP. And while I may not find the royal family all that fascinating, it’s still cool to be able to say I was within a couple hundred feet of the Queen of England. Read more…

    How to Survive Abroad without an International Phone Plan

    One of the biggest things I was worried about while planning my study abroad trip was what I was going to do about my phone plan. I’m a phone addict obviously. I had heard of people getting new phones, just new SIM cards, paying for an international phone plan, or just surviving off wifi. After talking to friends who I knew had already been abroad and talking to my parents about money, I decided to just go with the last option. So I’ve been living off only wifi for the last three months.

    I know that seems insane. We’re all so used to being on our phones 24/7 and being able to randomly Google something should our hearts desire. But yeah no, I haven’t been able to do that. That alone seems to scare people off. Then adding on the tidbit about possibly not being able to look up directions should you be lost in a foreign city? Yeah, that scares literally everyone. Myself included, especially since big cities already give me anxiety.

    But honestly, not buying a new SIM card or phone plan was totally the right way to go. It’s been way easier to survive than I thought it would be, and I saved money!! Always a plus.

    survive abroad without an international phone plan wifi only | College with Caitlyn

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    iPhone is golden

    I’m not an Apple fanatic in any way. But Apple does a really good job of having features that make you never want to leave their grasp. Especially features that are insanely useful when all you have is wifi and still need to be able to contact people! Read more…

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