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    My Favorite Photos from Abroad (Scotland, Copenhagen, Madrid, London, Ireland)

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    For someone who is so happy to be home, I sure haven’t stopped talking about being abroad have I? While I may not miss being in Europe, I do still want to remember the moments. And by following me anywhere online (or by knowing me in person) you know how obsessed with taking photos I am.

    I did share a lot of my photos in travel diaries and study abroad updates, but nowhere near the number of photos I took. Honestly, I have hundreds of photos I still haven’t edited, but I did comb through to make sure I had all my favorites out and ready to be posted and printed! Because yes, I am making a study abroad photo album!

    More on that later though, for now here are all my favorite photos from Europe ordered by country and city.








    university of Glasgow in the snow

    Main gates of University of Glasgow in the snow

    university of glasgow

    University of Glasgow bell tower

    Eve statue in Kibble Palace on Glasgow Botanic Garden’s grounds Read more…

    What it Really Feels like to Come Home after Studying Abroad

    I’ve been home for about two and a half weeks now. The never-ending, “Tell me about Scotland,” “What was your favorite place?” and “Do you miss it?” have finally ended. But that also means the whirlwind of settling in and being back home is gone. I’m finally all settled and back at work and in my normal summer routine again just like every other person I know who studied abroad last semester. There’s just one difference, I don’t miss it like they do.

    In the past few days, I’ve seen so many people post photos or snaps with captions saying things like, “Missing this place.” And that’s just not me. Like I have hundreds of photos I could still post on my Instagram from Europe, but I don’t want to because I don’t have any good captions for them, and I don’t want to lie and say that I miss it. Because I don’t.

    I think I’m the only person I’ve known who has ever study abroad and not missed it. But I think my experience was a lot different than a lot of people’s. Either that or everyone is lying about how much they loved to study abroad (post on this coming soon). Maybe I’m the only weirdo who had a hard time adjusting to being back in my homeland, or maybe everyone else is romanticizing the experience too much. I don’t want to say too much about it now, but it had to be said to preface this post.

    What it Really Feels like to Come Home After Studying Abroad | College with Caitlyn

    Basically, I want to share the hard parts about coming home after studying abroad. Because life doesn’t just go back to the way it was when you left five months ago. At least, that’s not what happened for me.

    Maybe I had unusually harder than other people, but that means I can help other people who find the adjustment back hard, too. And help open people’s eyes about how to treat students who just got home from studying abroad if they’ve never experienced it themselves.

    Normal No Longer Exists

    While I was abroad I compared everything to the states. It was the only normal I knew. Driving on the left was wrong. Driving on the right was normal. Then I came home and accidentally drove done a small street on the left.

    Almost everything that was different to me there, became my new normal, so coming home felt wrong. It felt weird. Like I was driving home from work on evening, a road I drove every week before I left for Europe, and it felt wrong. Being up high on the freeway and seeing hills of trees all around and huge trucks and the sun beating down so hard. It used to be normal, nothing I would even bother to think about, but suddenly everything I once was so accustomed to was making me feel like an outsider in my own country. Read more…

    13 Differences Between Scotland and the States

    If you didn’t know, I just got back to the States (I never know if I should capitalize that or not??) about 10 days ago. Before that, I was over in Scotland for almost five months studying abroad and traveling around the UK and Europe.

    I knew pretty early on that I was going to do a post like this. People always ask about Scotland so I thought sharing differences would be the best way to give you more insight into what the country is really like.

    13 Differences Between Scotland and the States

    Basic Vocabulary

    Of course, Scottish people have an accent compared to Americans, so that would just be dumb to include, but they also have quite a few vocabulary differences as well. Some are things I had heard of before, and others completely surprised me.

    • Cheersthis is thank you and hi and bye and everything over there
    • Joined up writingalso known as cursive here
    • Fitnow this word seems simple enough but it can mean hot in addition to athletic there
    • Pantsthe one that caused me the most trouble because I’m so used to any bottom being pants, but no, pants to them are underpants
    • Footballthis is soccer and probably the most know vocab change
    • YousI was told this is more of a Glaswegian thing, but I definitely heard people from other cities say it as well. It’s basically the Scottish y’all
    • Lorrysemi truck. No idea how lorry makes any sense at all
    • Toiletyou don’t ask where the bathrooms are, you ask where the toilets are
    • Holidayyou don’t go on vacation, you go on holiday
    • Chipsfries
    • Biscuitcookie
    • Crispschips
    • Campgay

    Read more…

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