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    Friend Dates: What are they and 15 ideas!

    Did you know that this Thursday, June 8th, is National Best Friends Day? Well now you know.

    In honor of this amazing holiday, I’m going to be sharing the idea of friend dates! I’ve also been wanting to share this since I talked about how I talked about self dates a few months ago. You guys loved that so much, especially the printable with examples, so I made another one just for you! Just keep scrolling and you can snag it!

    Friend Dates: What are they? Plus, 15 ideas! | College with Caiitlyn

    So, what are friends dates?

    Well, I feel like these are much more self explanatory and much more well known than self dates, but just for the sake of this post I’m going to flesh them out a bit!

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    How to Get Motivated to Hit the Gym

    One of the things I hear the most on the topic of working out is struggling to find the motivation to even start. Trust me, I’ve been there. I know it may seem like I’m always all about they gym with my overload of gym selfies (sorry not sorry), but I struggle to scrape up motivation sometimes, too.

    Today I’m going to be sharing the simple trick I use to get my butt in the gym.

    How to Get Motivated to Hit the Gym: My secret to getting excited about working out. Not dreading it!! | College with Caitlyn

    Think about why

    There are three rotating reasons that people cite when they talk about why they need to start working out:

    I want to lose weight.
    I want to get healthy.
    I want to gain muscle.

    These are all legitimate reasons to want to start a fitness journey, but they aren’t getting you anywhere in the motivation department. All three goals are too vague and can therefore never be reached.

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