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    How to Get Motivated to Hit the Gym

    One of the things I hear the most on the topic of working out is struggling to find the motivation to even start. Trust me, I’ve been there. I know it may seem like I’m always all about they gym with my overload of gym selfies (sorry not sorry), but I struggle to scrape up motivation sometimes, too.

    Today I’m going to be sharing the simple trick I use to get my butt in the gym.

    How to Get Motivated to Hit the Gym: My secret to getting excited about working out. Not dreading it!! | College with Caitlyn

    Think about why

    There are three rotating reasons that people cite when they talk about why they need to start working out:

    I want to lose weight.
    I want to get healthy.
    I want to gain muscle.

    These are all legitimate reasons to want to start a fitness journey, but they aren’t getting you anywhere in the motivation department. All three goals are too vague and can therefore never be reached.

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    Why I Refuse to Delete Old Pictures

    I have these “rules” that I created for social media. Like not consciously, but one day I just found myself telling myself I could or couldn’t do things and I’ve just always followed those rules. For example, I only like a tweet if I have a reason to want to go back and look at it one day, maybe it was funny or maybe it made me happy. I never like tweet that I “like” but don’t have a reason to go back and look at again. Other rules I follow are never using a solo quote as an Instagram caption, never subtweeting, and never deleting old pictures.

    With my sister being a middle schooler, I’m pretty in tune with how they interact socially and use social media. There are a lot of things about this next generation that I don’t like (mirror selfies with the flash on so you can’t even see anything. Like really?), but one that really bothers me is the fact that they delete pictures off their Instagrams all the time.

    I never delete old pictures. Not off my phone, not off Twitter, not off Instagram and not off Facebook. No matter how embarrassing they are, and trust me, there are some really embarrassing ones.

    Why I Refuse to Delete Old Pictures: believe it or not, those pictures may come in handy one day! | College with Caitlyn

    Why would I torture myself like that?

    First off, I don’t see it as torture. I’m a visual person, and I love documenting my life through pictures. I love being able to look back and remember how I was feeling and what happened on the day I took a photo. Which is why I have thousands of pictures on my phone, my laptop, and tucked away in photo albums. I’m that girl who’s always saying, “We need to take a picture!”

    That doesn’t mean I love every picture I’ve ever posted online. (That’s hilarious.) I’m just too stubborn to delete them.

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    Why I Enjoy Taking Myself on Dates

    Have you ever been out and seen a cute couple eating together at a restaurant or sharing popcorn at the movies, and thought about how you wish you had someone to take you out on a date?

    Because same.

    I know that in my very essence I’m a relationship person. I can tell because I love doing things for other people just to make their day and see them smile. I love planning elaborate surprises and planning gifts for half a year just to make sure they’re perfect. Quality relationship material I do think so myself.

    But, I haven’t been in a relationship in months. Well, not a romantic one anyways. And sure, it feels just as great to do all these things for my friends, but sometimes I want someone to do something elaborate for me too. I’m not saying my friends don’t, but I can’t always count on others to bring me happiness.

    That’s why I take myself out on dates.

    Why I Love Taking Myself on Dates: Plus 15 self date ideas! | College with Caitlyn

    Before I came to college it was almost unheard of for me to go out alone (unless it was shopping, duh). I didn’t want to look stupid. But then I moved across the country to go to college and was suddenly without my trusted movie buddy. I was faced with a decision: either not seeing the new movie I had been dying to see, or suck it up and just go alone.

    Can you guess what I did?

    That one self date made me fall in love. Now I actually prefer going to the movies alone, and actually went last week to finally see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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