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    May Mood Board | Living with Passion

    Happy May! Also, know as my last month in Europe. I kid you not as of the day I am posting this, I only have 27 days left here in Scotland. This is insane to me since I was just wishing I could go home already but I also feel like I just got my passport to come here.

    I struggled so hard with putting together this mood board. I had no idea what colors I wanted to use, so I focused more so on feelings, things, and places and luckily it all worked together.

    May mood board red and pink

    The one word that kept popping up while I was making this was passion. I have less than a month left here abroad. Less than a month before I have to go back to normal life. Less than a month before I have to leave my new friends behind. Less than a month before I have to say goodbye to a whole continent for at least a few years. (I hope to come back one day!!)

    My intentions for May are to really live life to the fullest, do everything with passion, make memories I’ll never forget, and be brave.

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    Less than Two Months Left Abroad

    I’ve been saying this for over a week now but I still can’t believe it’s true. I really do have less than two months left here in Europe. Literally 53 days. This is insane to me because I feel like I haven’t been here that long already!

    I have made quite good use of the time I’ve had here though, especially in the past month since I updated you last. So let’s just dive quickly into it!

    Recent Travels

    I packed in five trips/tours in the past month. I plan on doing full posts for two of them as well (Oxford and Ireland!) so stay tuned for those to come!


    The first trip of the month was down into England again to the picturesque town of Chester. I visited here along with Kay from Chasing Kay Light and it was our first time ever meeting, but omg I love her so much and can’t wait to hang out with her again. We clicked so much and Kay if you’re reading this I hope I’m not freaking you out with how enthusiastic I’m being.

    But also, she’s gorgeous and the perfect model. Just saying.

    chasing kay light in Chester

    To see a little more insight into why we chose Chester, and what we got up to, you can check out this post where I talked about my outfit there and also our day trip.

    One more thing though, I stopped to look at a street artist’s paintings while there because they had Daleks in them! Then I realized that he had done almost exclusively Doctor Who themed paintings based in Chester so I bought one. It’s currently pinned up in my room. And here’s the artist showing off a commissioned piece of his.

    street artist chester doctor who Read more…

    April Mood Board – Learning to Destress

    Why hello there April! It’s good to finally see you! A.K.A. please bring spring weather. I could even settle for spring showers. Just not more snow!!

    So I started a new series last month sharing my monthly mood board and monthly intentions and I’ve been actually really excited to write up this installment. Yet again, shoutout to Lola for the idea for this series!

    april 2018 mood board | destress yellow, orange, tan aesthetic

    I was totally stuck on what I wanted to include on my board this month. Adding blue again was super tempting, but I told myself I couldn’t use it again since I had based my whole board around it last month. After google searching the most stress relieving colors, I landed on yellows and tans! Because um yeah, yo girl has been stressed as crap lately and I know it’ll only get worse over the next couple weeks so this board better be my saving grace!

    My intentions for April are to really focus on school, read more, enjoy traveling, and just keep stress to a minimum.

    Yellow actually used to be one of my favorite colors and I do find pale yellow to be very relaxing. It also reminds me of my grandmother because she always says, “Think yellow! Be happy!” Read more…

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