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    San Francisco in Three Days: a travel diary

    Three Days in San Francisco | College with Caitlyn

    So if you missed it somehow, I went to San Francisco last weekend for my fall break. It was my first ever weekend trip (that involved a plane), and it made me feel like a real adult because adults take weekend trips. Anywho, I decided to take a trip for my very short (Saturday through Tuesday) break because I’ve wanted to visit San Francisco for years and my best friend actually transferred to SFSU this semester. As soon as she told me she got in I was all, “I’m coming to visit.” Read more…

    My Current Fitness Goals

    Current Fitness Goals and tips on how to set your own fitness goals | College with Caitlyn

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of my many gym sessions and evening runs. All I ever really come up with is abstract and appearance stuff. But that doesn’t cut it. Goals aren’t goals unless they’re specific and have an end date. And personally, I’ve never boded well with physical appearance based goals, so I tend to avoid those now.

    So here I am, almost 11 p.m. on a weeknight, typing away what my fitness goals are because if I didn’t sit down to do it now I know I never would. I’m stubborn that way. And I’ve put it off this long already.

    Oh and before we get started, this is collab with my gym buddy Abigail over from Living the Gray Life! She’s sharing her fitness goals too, and you can check those out here!

    Now let’s get into these goals! Read more…

    Does it Hurt to get Your Nose Pierced (+ Other Common Nose Piercing Questions!)

    Does it Hurt to Get Your Nose Pierced? and other commonly asked questions about getting your nose pierced | College with Caitlyn

    I wanted to get my nose pierced for at least two years before I actually did it. I finally bit the bullet and got it done on a whim back in July. And I’ll tell you one thing, it was nothing like I expected.

    Today I’m going to break down the whole nose piercing process: what to do before, during and after.

    I wanted to write this because every time I would Google something about the topic, I had to go to multiple different sites to answer my questions. So I’m going to compile all of my nose piercing knowledge here for a one-stop-shop for you! Read more…