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    So You Want to Get a Bikini Wax?

    It’s about to get real TMI up in here. But I’m writing this to help all the girls who had the same questions I had before getting my first ever wax. So hopefully, if you’re reading this, you find it helpful.

    I never thought I would get anything waxed. We always hear about how dreadfully painful waxing is, and those videos where boys get waxed and just scream like babies always seem to be viral. Scary much?

    I used to get my eyebrows threaded but it was too painful and made me break out, so I quit getting it done. Everyone told me waxing hurt even more so no, I never planned to get waxed.

    So You Want to get a Bikini Wax? The things your mom won't tell you | College with Caitlyn

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    But then I bought this super cute one piece from Aerie. The problem? It has super high legs so it shows a lot more of my bikini line than any other swimsuit I have. The simple solution would just be to shave, but I like to try new things. Well, that and I always get razor burn. Not cute. Read more…

    Blog Rebrand and Q&A!

    Soooooooo, notice anything different?

    It’s only taken three months but my new blog is finally live and you guys I love it so much! I spent so much time customizing this blog and while there are still a few things that need tweaking, it’s here for you to explore!

    In celebration of my blog rebirth, I decided to do a little Q&A so my both my long time readers and newbies can get to know me: the girl behind the computer screen!

    caitlyn laughing Read more…