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    What I Got for Christmas 2017

    This is about a week overdue but I literally had no time to shoot these photos last week. Plus, I wanted to relax and spend as much time as possible with my family since I’m leaving the country in about two weeks.

    I actually had my heart set on filming a what I got for Christmas video, but that didn’t pan out either. There’s always next year though! Especially since any type of haul is one of my favorite videos to watch.

    Okay so on to the presents. I’m not going to share literally everything, just the big things and what I was most excited about. So here we go: Read more…

    2017 Year in Review

    2017 Year in Review | College with CaitlynHappy New Year’s Eve my friends!!

    I’m so excited to be writing this because I have a very unpopular opinion: I loved 2017.  Almost everyone has been complaining that 2017 sucked, but I honestly had one of the best years of my life. I got to travel to so many new places, I got my dream job and dream car, my blog has been super successful, I made a new lifelong friend, and reconnected with someone very special to me I knew years ago.

    I’d say, “How the heck am I supposed to top this year!?” but I’m going to Scotland in a couple weeks so that’s a no brainer.

    Now let’s get into this before I ramble too much! Read more…

    What My Blogger Secret Santa Gifted Me

    I freaking love giving gifts. Like more than I love buying myself things, which says a lot considering my huge shopping addiction. Seeing someone open a gift I picked out just for them is the best feeling on the planet so I just had to join this year’s Blogger Secret Santa hosted by my good friend Abigail along with Cathleen.

    Shopping for my blogger was a real blast and you can see who I got along with every one else here, but now we’re going to talk about my secret Santa!

    My secret Santa was Jasmin from Macarons & Mascara!

    Jasmin was so so sweet and really paid attention to my likes and got me a gift perfectly crafted for my tastes. I’m one hundred percent in love with everything she got me, but mostly the card. Like, look at this card with cats all over it!! This is me in a nutshell. AND IT MOVES Y’ALL! Ugh, I want to play with it all day.

    I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of it because it was hard to hold open and take photos at the same time. Read more…