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Let’s Talk About Boys

    Why I’m Glad I was Stood Up

    I never really opened up about this on the blog but he was all over my Instagram story and Twitter feed. Y’all loved him. Y’all said we’d get married. Y’all always asked for updates on him. So who is this guy? Cute car salesman. Yup, I’m finally opening up about what went down when I asked out the dude who sold me my dream Jeep.

    Spoiler alert: he stood me up.

    Why I'm Glad I was Stood Up: Sharing the personal story of when I got stood up and what the experience taught me

    So if you’re new here, or don’t follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you have no idea who I’m talking about when I refer to cute car salesman. Let me give you a little background to get you caught up.

    How I Met Cute Car Salesman

    My old car died back in September while I was driving home from work. Within a week, I was car shopping with my dad because I worked a good 30 minutes away and needed a reliable way to get there. I realized this to be my prime time to finally convince my dad that my dream car was the perfect one for me to invest in, a 2008 Jeep Liberty. I searched for used ones all over the web and found a decent priced one at a car dealership just one exit down from my college.

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    My dad and I went and took a look at the car. I test drove it and fell in love all over again. I just had this feeling that his car was going to be mine, so when the car salesman (not the cute one yet, he comes in later) told me that I couldn’t sign for one without a co-signer I was crushed. My parents and grandparents weren’t at the best place to co-sign for me at that moment and I had just quit my second job. Basically, it was literally the worst timing ever.

    I left sad but certain that car would somehow be mine. After asking my older brother to co-sign with me, he accompanied me and my dad back to the car dealership just two days later. We walked in asking for the man who we spoke to last, but he wasn’t working. That’s when I was introduced to cute car salesman. Read more…

    How to Finally Get Over that Boy

    How to Finally Get Over that Boy: Advice from a serial dater on how to deal with breakups | College with Caitlyn

    Whether you just went through a breakup or you’re trying to finally cut ties with that f-boy, getting over someone can be really hard. In the last year and a half, almost every girl in my friend group has had some insane drama with boys – myself included.

    I’ve watched us all struggle to come to terms with a relationship (or what we hoped was a relationship) coming to an end. It’s hard. All breakups are hard.

    I’ve never really opened up about this on the blog much, but I was in a semi-serious relationship at the end of my senior year of high school and through most of my freshmen year of college. We had a mutual breakup due to many factors, but afterward, it left me feeling even more lost than going to college on the other side of the country already had.

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    Only a few weeks later, I started trying to date again. There were some fails, but then I thought I found someone a few months later. However, I still wasn’t ready. So I broke it off and took a few more months for myself. Then at the beginning of 2017, I knew I was ready to date again. Which was when my drama started all over again.

    I got entangled with a player. Somehow I fell really hard for this guy and he kept stringing me along for months. Then silence. Then he was back. Then silence. Then I was 100% done and decided to cut him off myself.

    Writing this today, I realized that I’m finally at a place in my life where I feel genuinely happy about where I am romantically. Am I still single? Yes. But I have finally gotten over all my past relationships.

    And I’m here to help you do the same. Read more…

    10 First Date Ideas for People You Meet Online

    10 First Date Ideas for People You Meet Online | College with Caitlyn

    By no means would I call myself the online dating queen. But I wouldn’t be opposed if someone started calling me that. Just saying.

    Over the past few months, I’ve tested out about five dating apps. (Three of which I quickly deleted because they sucked.) The only ones I’ve gotten dates from are Tinder and Bumble. I haven’t gotten any new dates from Tinder recently, but I have gotten one from Bumble since my last post about it.

    Although I’ve only gone out with three guys from dating apps, I’ve talked to more than that. And one of my biggest worries when starting a conversation was thinking of a first date idea. Heck, coming up with a first date idea for a guy you already know is hard enough. Now I have to do it for a guy I’ve never even meet in real life?

    So today I’m supplying you with ten date ideas to save you from wasting all your brain power on thinking of what to do and can instead be used to figure out what you’re going to wear. Because we all know that’s a whole problem of its own. Read more…