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    10 First Date Ideas for People You Meet Online

    10 First Date Ideas for People You Meet Online | College with Caitlyn

    By no means would I call myself the online dating queen. But I wouldn’t be opposed if someone started calling me that. Just saying.

    Over the past few months, I’ve tested out about five dating apps. (Three of which I quickly deleted because they sucked.) The only ones I’ve gotten dates from are Tinder and Bumble. I haven’t gotten any new dates from Tinder recently, but I have gotten one from Bumble since my last post about it.

    Although I’ve only gone out with three guys from dating apps, I’ve talked to more than that. And one of my biggest worries when starting a conversation was thinking of a first date idea. Heck, coming up with a first date idea for a guy you already know is hard enough. Now I have to do it for a guy I’ve never even meet in real life?

    So today I’m supplying you with ten date ideas to save you from wasting all your brain power on thinking of what to do and can instead be used to figure out what you’re going to wear. Because we all know that’s a whole problem of its own. Read more…

    Does Your Significant Other do these Seven Things?

    These days, we’re bombarded with the idea of relationship goals every time we open or turn on any kind of media. Whether it’s an account always tweeting cute couple quotes or your friend posting cute as hell pictures of her and her significant other. The idea is even woven throughout books so it’s impossible for even us introverts to avoid. (Well unless you live under a rock.)

    But there are some things that aren’t so #relationshipgoals. And lately, they sure have been romanticized.

    Does your boyfriend do these 7 things? signs of intimate partner violence and things to watch out for in all relationships | College with Caitlyn

    *Quick side note: I’ll use the term boyfriend in this post, but this applies to all significant others no matter their gender. Read more…