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    How to Get Back into Running after an Injury

    How to Get into Running after an injury or how to start running in general | College with Caitlyn

    This post is sponsored by Nextrino. As always opinions are 100% mine, and thank you for supporting brands who support College with Caitlyn.

    Fun fact: I’m actually a runner. Well, not a marathon runner (yet) but I’m a runner. I did track all through middle school and high school, and even tested out cross country one year. But after I got tendinitis in my lower leg during my sophomore year track season, it was all downhill for me.

    I never let myself fully heal so I was always re-injuring myself. Just a few months after the tendinitis in my left leg went away, I got IT syndrome in that same leg. Then a few months after that I had major issues with my calves. A year after that I ran my senior track season out of shape, my legs always hurting.

    Then I basically gave up on running. I went out maybe once or twice every couple months, but was so disappointed with my now slow times that I was discouraged and gave up again until another short-lived burst of inspiration hit me.

    That is until now.

    I think I am finally back into running. And for good this time! I mean it’s been about a month and a half and I haven’t given up yet so I think that’s a good sign.

    Coming back from an injury is a lot like starting completely new in the running world, so I thought I’d fuse the two together to bring some running motivation. Read more…

    My Current Fitness Goals

    Current Fitness Goals and tips on how to set your own fitness goals | College with Caitlyn

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what I want out of my many gym sessions and evening runs. All I ever really come up with is abstract and appearance stuff. But that doesn’t cut it. Goals aren’t goals unless they’re specific and have an end date. And personally, I’ve never boded well with physical appearance based goals, so I tend to avoid those now.

    So here I am, almost 11 p.m. on a weeknight, typing away what my fitness goals are because if I didn’t sit down to do it now I know I never would. I’m stubborn that way. And I’ve put it off this long already.

    Oh and before we get started, this is collab with my gym buddy Abigail over from Living the Gray Life! She’s sharing her fitness goals too, and you can check those out here!

    Now let’s get into these goals! Read more…

    Four Must-Do Things After Any Workout

    Four thing to do after every workout: simple things to ensure you get the most out of your workouts | College with Caitlyn

    This post is sponsored by Premier Protein. However, all opinions are 100% mine. Thank you for supporting brands that make College with Caitlyn possible.

    I love to workout. This shouldn’t be a real shocker to you if you follow me on any social media. But while I’m always sharing my actual workouts, I never let you in on what I’m doing before and after I hit the gym. You may be thinking, Caitlyn, why do I care what you do before and after the gym? Well, because what you do in these time periods can help maximize the outcome of your sweat sesh! Hooked yet?

    Today I’m sharing the four things I always do after a workout. Maybe in the future I’ll clue you into what I do before, too! Read more…

    How to Build the Confidence to Workout in a Sports Bra

    I used to live for the days I could go running in a sports bra and shorts. There’s just something so freeing about removing that one thin piece of clothing. I remember I would never want to put it back on after it took it off, because it feel so good to feel the breeze on my back and whipping past the bare skin of my stomach.

    This was about two years ago. Now I would never dare run around my neighborhood (or the neighborhood over) with just a sports bra on. Why? Because I’d be embarrassed.

    Related: My Struggle with Body Confidence

    How to Build the Confidence to Workout in a Sports Bra | College with Caitlyn

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