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    How to Thrive in College Math Classes

    I feel like I’m always saying this, but I’m a math major. So let’s skip past the confused and scared looks and get to the advice.

    I’ve taken my fair share of difficult math classes in my college career (don’t even mention statistics to me), and I’ve prepared all the advice I’ve build up to share with you now. If you’re going to be taking a math class this next semester, this post is for you!

    How to Thrive in College Math Classes: Tips from a math major. Tricks for studying and figuring out how to actually finish the homework | College with Caitlyn Read more…

    Should You Bring a Car to College?

    Okay, but do you really need a car on campus?

    There’s no definite answer to this question.

    I didn’t have a car my first year at college and I survived just fine. Then I brought my car with me my second year and there were times I only used it twice a month.

    Basically, I’ve been on both sides of the question so I can definitely help you out with this decision.Should you bring your car to college? Advice from someone who has and hasn't brought their car | College with Caitlyn Read more…