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    How to Effectively Juggle a Job in College

    Buckle up friends, because this is about to be a nice long detailed post where I spill my greatest secret. I’m about to give you the inside scoop on how I juggle going to college full-time, blogging, a semi-decent social life, gym sessions, and working two part-time jobs for a total of about 30 hours a week.

    How to Effectively Juggle a Job in College | College with Caitlyn

    It’s about to go down.

    Plan Plan Plan

    This is a no-brainer I know. But I swear so many people look over this step. Which I don’t understand, because not having anything written out stresses me out. A.k.a. why I have a school/life planner, a blog planner, a dry erase calendar, and a real calendar.

    I don’t want to go too in-depth with this one, because I have a whole post about how I use all of them, so I’ll just keep it simple.

    Write down everything. You will forget something if you don’t. Just like I forgot about my calculus 3 homework the other night until I was driving home from work.

    Keep track of all assignments. Have all your projects, essays, and tests written down somewhere along with notes to start working on them before they’re due. The second part being the most important because procrastination is a thing.

    Prioritize. Learn to do what’s most important first. For example, I get four calculus assignments a week. Three of them are due anytime before the end of the semester, and one is due exactly a week after it was assigned. I don’t have time to complete all four during the week, so I make the one that has a set due date my top priority.

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    How to Write a Brilliant Cover Letter

    How to Write a Brilliant Cover Letter: why you always need one and a free cover letter template | College with Caitlyn

    I had no idea what a cover letter was until about a month into my first semester of college. when I went to apply to be an orientation leader. Then I was scrambling trying to figure out what it was to meet the application deadline. Oops.

    I want to save you the trouble of Googling the crap out of “how to write a cover letter,” and sorting through the thousands of articles that pop up so today I’m breaking it down fast and simple for you!

    If you aren’t sure what a cover letter is, it’s basically a letter to a company that you send along with your resume. Usually, it’s read first, hence the term “cover” letter. Since it is the first thing companies read, it’s important to make sure your letter stands out and makes the employer want to look at your resume.

    Cover letters are super simple to write, I promise. They follow a simple three or four paragraph format, which I’m going to break down for you right now! (Stay until the end and I’ll even share a cover letter template with you!)


    First off, you need to include your address in the top left hand corner of the letter. This is important because it allows the employer to know whether you live close to the job you are applying for. It also allows them a way to contact you (should your email or phone just decide to stop working randomly).

    Directly beneath your address, type out the date that you plan on sending/delivering your cover letter.

    Leaving two lines of space after the date, you can also include the address of the employer. However, this is usually only done if you know the specific person to whom the letter will be addressed.

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