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    What I Read in July 2017

    What I Read in July 2017: reviewing two YA romance books & the story of a millennial adulting | College with Caitlyn

    July wasn’t the greatest reading month for me. I only read four books. I know this can seem like a lot to some people, but I’m used to reading more than that. Especially during the summer! But I won’t complain any further, as I know I fell off the book wagon because of my vacation. (I plan on sharing more about that soon so stay tuned!)

    Since one of the books I read was part of a series I’ve never talked about, I’m going to leave that one out. Here are three of the books I read in July:

    Here are three of the books I read in July: Read more…

    Monthly Book Reviews: June 2017

    monthly book reviews june 2017 | College with Caitlyn

    My reader survey and Twitter informed me that you guys love books just as much as I do, so today marks the start of a new series: Reading Wednesday! On the last Wednesday of every month, I’ll be sharing every book I read and whether I think they’re worth your time.

    I read a whopping ten books in June. Some of them were poetry or parts of series that I’ve never talked about before, so I won’t be including those.

    Don’t worry I still have four books to review for you!

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    Burn for Burn Series Review

    I have found my new favorite series guys. Like holy cow I could not put these books down.

    I never used to be one for cliche young adult novels. But then I read To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and I fell in love with the genre. I actually heard about the Burn for Burn series around a year ago, sometime around when I heard of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before, but I never connected that they were written by the same author until I was a couple chapters away from finishing the second book.

    Duh, Caitlyn.

    At that time I also realized that the other co-author of the trilogy wrote a book I randomly read almost two years ago. I guess you can say I really love these girls’ writing if I’m finding their books without even looking!

    Burn for Burn Series Review | College with Caitlyn

    The series as a whole

    I loved the idea behind this trilogy. A group of girls going after high school enemies? Yes please. I may not like drama in my own life, but I love reading about it. Plus, it’s fun to imagine I’m still in high school and not worrying about how to be an adult.

    So quick overall thoughts without spoilers:

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