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Best Summer Ever

    Seven Reasons Why You Should Take Time to Unplug

    Seven Reasons Why You Should Take Time to Unplug: tips on how to break the technology addiction | College with Caitlyn

    Everywhere I look it seems like all us kids do anymore is just sit around on our phones or computers. Like I’ll go hang out with friends and we’ll just end up sitting around in a circle all in our own little cyberspace worlds! How absurd is that?

    What ever happened to talking in person, and playing outside, and writing notes in class? I miss those good old days. (A.k.a. elementary school.)

    Ever since I was forced to take a month long break from social media back when I was writing for my high school newspaper, I’ve been a humongous advocate for tech breaks. I even gave a speech about it in my Intro to Communication class in the fall and took a month long break on my own accord back in March.

    I was able to convince everyone in my Comm class that using screens less often is important, so let’s see if I can convince you too. Here are my top seven reasons why you should consider taking a break from your smartphone/social media:
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    Six Reasons Why You Should be Spending More Time Outside

    Six Reasons Why You Should be Spending More Time Outside | College with Caitlyn

    I used to play outside every day as a kid until something called video games took over my life towards the end of elementary school. I remember my mom used to tell me to go play outside and I would just sit in a lawn chair at the end of our driveway and play Pokemon on my DS. I don’t think that what she had in mind.

    But somehow I went from begging to go outside to being forced to do something out of the house.

    I never noticed how little time I actually spend outdoors until I’m actually outside and asking myself why I don’t do this more often. Sometimes we all have those days when it’s a struggle to get out of bed, let alone get out of the house, so I rounded up some incentive to get you out in nature. Read more…

    Five Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time with Your Family

    Five Reasons Why You Should Spend More Time with Your Family: even if you don't always get along | College with Caitlyn

    Well here it is: the first follow-up to my Best Summer Ever post from three weeks ago. Are you excited? Because I am.

    This is a topic that I feel many people overlook, even myself. You see, I chose to go the college where I did for the sole purpose of being close to my extended family, but then somehow during the school year I gradually seemed to forget just how close I lived to them that it didn’t even cross my mind that I could visit them, or even just call them anytime I wanted. It’s not because I didn’t want to spend time with them or talk to them, I just got too caught up and overwhelmed by my classes, work and my new friends – like is expected of any college freshman.

    So this is a reminder to all of you: don’t let anything distract you from spending time with those who mean the world to you and who have always been there for you.

    Just like it’s easy to make family less of a priority during the school year because of all the homework, classes, work hours and other college things you have to keep up with, it’s also easy to convince yourself that you have other things of higher importance than hanging out with your family even when there’s absolutely nothing on your calendar. Somehow we convince ourselves that we have a really busy day when all we’re really doing is watching Netflix or reading a book and sending random people Snapchats because we just really want to use the new filter they put up today.

    If you ever find yourself pushing back family time, or even dreading it, then here are five reasons to convince you to stop being antisocial and actually leave your room this summer. Read more…

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