What My Blogger Secret Santa Gifted Me

I freaking love giving gifts. Like more than I love buying myself things, which says a lot considering my huge shopping addiction. Seeing someone open a gift I picked out just for them is the best feeling on the planet so I just had to join this year’s Blogger Secret Santa hosted by my good friend Abigail along with Cathleen.

Shopping for my blogger was a real blast and you can see who I got along with every one else here, but now we’re going to talk about my secret Santa!

My secret Santa was Jasmin from Macarons & Mascara!

Jasmin was so so sweet and really paid attention to my likes and got me a gift perfectly crafted for my tastes. I’m one hundred percent in love with everything she got me, but mostly the card. Like, look at this card with cats all over it!! This is me in a nutshell. AND IT MOVES Y’ALL! Ugh, I want to play with it all day.

I wish I could have gotten some better pictures of it because it was hard to hold open and take photos at the same time.

What Jasmin got me

Jasmin got me two books I have been wanting for at least two years now. They are the 52 Lists journaling books by Moorea Seal. I’m really big on journaling and have been daily gratitude journaling for almost two years now and recently also started daily morning journaling as well.

So these weekly journals will be super fun to add to my routine!

blogger secret santa 52 lists projects books

blogger secret santa jasmin sour punch candy and dark chocolate bar

Jasmin also got me some fun little snacks as well. She picked me up a dark chocolate raspberry bar and two packs of sour gummies. I’m so glad she paid attention to my food preferences because yo girl cannot eat milk chocolate and sour foods are my life. (Well that and spicy foods and bread. But I’m getting distracted.)

What’s funny is that I just tried these sour gummies for the first time two months ago and I really loved them, so I thought it was so funny that she got me the exact same ones without me even saying anything about the brand. Plot twist: she’s psychic.

jasmin macarons and mascara blog

Now to Jasmin, I want to say thank you so much!! I really appreciate you taking the time to pay attention to my preferences and getting me things that I absolutely love and not just some random things you picked up at the store.

I will totally be bringing these books with me to Scotland even though I know I should save room in my suitcases for other things. But oh well I’m so in love with them so it’ll be worth it.

Also, I don’t think anyone will ever be able to get me a card that will outperform the cat card you got me. Like seriously girl, I need to know where you picked it up at!

And one last time: thank you and Merry Christmas!

macrons and mascaraIf you want to learn more about Jasmin, I’ve linked all her socials and blog below! You should totally check her out and tell her what a sweetie she is! I’ve always loved going to her blog when I need career advice, so if you’re looking for any help in that department, she got you.

Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

See what all the other bloggers involved got here:

blogger secret santa 2017

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  • Those 52 lists books look awesome. I’ve been hearing so much about them lately I totally need to check them out.

    • I found them a long time ago and never actually bought them so saying I’m excited is an understatement! Thanks for commenting Emily!


  • The Happiness list book is so cool! Might have to check it out for myself hahaha. This is awesome! Merry Christmas, Caitlyn! x

    • You totally should! Then we could be journal twins Lol Merry Christmas to you as well!!


  • I really want to get myself one (or both) of those list books! I’ve been daily journaling for a few months now and I’d love to do a gratitude journal too! Merry Christmas gf <33

    • I’ve done gratitude journaling for so long that I do it automatically in my head all the time! I think once I run out of pages I’m going to stop doing it since my mindset has shifted to be grateful all the time now. Totally recommend it though!


  • Ahh, I really want to check out the 52 Lists books, I’ll have to add them to my wishlist! Merry Christmas!

    Colleen | Buckeye Bliss

    • I’m so freaking excited to crack them open! I’m waiting until next week to start and it’s so hard to now start writing in them now!


  • My Sprinkle of Prep

    I have heard such great things about the 52 list books and will most diffidently be adding them to my birthday wishlist. Hope you had a Merry Christmas.
    megan |

    • I’ve heard so many things about them, too! More so about the 52 lists project than the happiness one, but I think that may just be because it’s newer. Merry Christmas to you as well!