Wearing Black with Brown – Breaking Fashion Rules in Liverpool

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    My face literally the whole time I was in Liverpool. That city is gorgeous!! Plus, the weather was amazing and I didn’t have to wear my coat and scarf the whole time and I got to explore the city with the wonderful Kat from Yours Truly, Katrina!

    Stay on the lookout for a little Liverpool recap coming to the blog within the next couple weeks! There wasn’t much time to do anything, but I’m going to be doing a little travel diary like I did when I went to San Francisco in the fall.

    Until then, let’s talk about the fashion rule I love to break: wearing black with brown.

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    Packing to Study Abroad: What I Wish I Brought

    Today is going to be the first in a three-part series of what to pack when you study abroad. This post will be sharing what I wish I had packed, next will be what I actually packed, and the last installment will be what I wish I hadn’t packed. So stay tuned for all of those to come!

    One of the biggest concerns (let’s be real, my biggest concern) I had with studying abroad was making sure I brought enough clothes to make outfits for four months and still being under the weight limit of my suitcases. I managed to make the weight easily, but I still had a decent amount of room in my suitcases which stressed me out. It tricked me into thinking I hadn’t packed enough, or at least not the right things. And well I was somewhat right.

    I’ve really struggled to put together outfits since being here. One because I brought pieces I actually never wore back home, but I thought bringing them here would force me to wear them. Lol no they just sit in my wardrobe. Two because I didn’t really think about outfits and just threw a ton of neutral pieces in my suitcases. Which is fine, my closest is mostly neutrals, but I left my favorite statement color tops at home which sucks because sometimes I do want to wear color. Especially when it’s dreary and I need to something to cheer me up. Aka everyday Glasgow weather.

    There are a couple things I wish I brought that aren’t clothes, as well. So let’s find out what those are!

    Packing to Study Abroad: What I Wish I Brought | Everything I wish I had packed in my suitcases before flying to Scotland for four months | Caitlyn Stone

    *Some of the links in this post are affiliate links. If you click on a product link, I may receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. I only recommend products I love or use myself! Read more…

    How to Finally Get Over that Boy

    How to Finally Get Over that Boy: Advice from a serial dater on how to deal with breakups | College with Caitlyn

    Whether you just went through a breakup or you’re trying to finally cut ties with that f-boy, getting over someone can be really hard. In the last year and a half, almost every girl in my friend group has had some insane drama with boys – myself included.

    I’ve watched us all struggle to come to terms with a relationship (or what we hoped was a relationship) coming to an end. It’s hard. All breakups are hard.

    I’ve never really opened up about this on the blog much, but I was in a semi-serious relationship at the end of my senior year of high school and through most of my freshmen year of college. We had a mutual breakup due to many factors, but afterward, it left me feeling even more lost than going to college on the other side of the country already had.

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    Only a few weeks later, I started trying to date again. There were some fails, but then I thought I found someone a few months later. However, I still wasn’t ready. So I broke it off and took a few more months for myself. Then at the beginning of 2017, I knew I was ready to date again. Which was when my drama started all over again.

    I got entangled with a player. Somehow I fell really hard for this guy and he kept stringing me along for months. Then silence. Then he was back. Then silence. Then I was 100% done and decided to cut him off myself.

    Writing this today, I realized that I’m finally at a place in my life where I feel genuinely happy about where I am romantically. Am I still single? Yes. But I have finally gotten over all my past relationships.

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