Keeping my Teeth White as a Coffee Drinker

    Keeping my Teeth White as a Coffee Drinker: A review of Smile Brilliant the at home teeth whitening system | College with Caitlyn

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    It’s no secret that I love coffee. My roommate’s friend once described me as: “that Instagram girl at the gym drinking coffee.” Yup sounds about right.

    While I have cut back on my coffee drinking, I still consume about two to four cups a week. This can easily add stains on my teeth.

    Fun fact: before I started drinking coffee I would get compliments all the time on how white my teeth were. I haven’t drank soda in years, so at the time I had nothing making my teeth yellow. Then college hit, and coffee became my new favorite drink. Read more…

    How to Actually Feel Awake in the Morning

    How to Actually Feel Awake in the Morning: even if you feel like a zombie and could fall asleep on your floor | College with Caitlyn

    Waking up in the morning isn’t difficult, it’s staying awake and ignoring the urge to crawl back into bed after you turn your alarm off that’s difficult. And that’s coming from a self-proclaimed morning person.

    I think one of the big differences between morning people and night owls is that us morning peeps know all the secret ways to get our body and brain moving so that we don’t fall back asleep. But it’s not fair if just us morning people know those secrets! So I’m breaking the barrier and sharing seven things that can help you stay awake and get moving in the a.m.! Read more…