The Dress I’m Wearing for Thanksgiving

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    I still don’t like Thanksgiving, but I’ll take any excuse to dress up. And by dress up, I mean an excuse to wear my OTK boots. Looking at this now, I will say I wore a scarily similar outfit last year for Thanksgiving. I like to think that goes to show how wonderful of a combo a shift dress and OTK boots is for Thanksgiving, though.

    Plus, doesn’t this orange dress just scream autumn!? I saw it on AE’s site and knew I had to order it just for Thanksgiving.

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    I Tried to Eat Vegan for a Week

    vegan coffee V&V Cafe Glasgow

    Sooo I tried to eat vegan for a week. Keyword being tried. There were a few mishaps, but none were on purpose! I’ll get more into those later, but first let me explain why I wanted to try this challenge.

    I’ve been vegetarian a little over two years. I started it because I started to dislike the taste and texture of meat and it soon evolved into also advocating animal and the planet’s health. I’m not one of those in your face vegetarians. When I’m out with friends I don’t tell them how gross I think their steak and bacon bits are. I don’t say anything unless they bring it up. I wanted to make sure I said this so you didn’t think I was telling you that you have to try to eat more vegetarian or vegan. You don’t have to, it’s just honestly better for you and the world if you do. And I have the 11-page paper to back it up that I literally sent to a co-worker after we got into a heated debate. (You’re more than welcome to read it, too).

    That note aside, I realized a while ago that I actually eat vegan a lot without realizing. Lots of foods you eat are probably vegan, too! Pasta, bread, fruits, veggies, rice, almond milk, coconut yogurt. All vegan. So I thought I’d try to eat vegan for a week to see if it was easy and if I could make the switch from vegetarian to vegan. Read more…

    November Mood Board | Prioritizing Sleep and the Inner Self

    I am so in denial that it’s November. November is one of my least favorite months of the year. I don’t like Thanksgiving, I think a holiday centered around food is unhealthy mentally and am a vegetarian, and October is spooky season. And spooky season is my season. As you would know if you follow along with the books I read, podcasts I listen to, and what I was for Halloween. This girl is spooky at heart.

    So to keep that up, I decided to let that show in my November mood board by keeping it dark and mystical. I’ve always been enthralled by the mystical. The idea of witches, tarot cards, zodiacs, how the stars align, inner selves, meditation, chakras, crystals, moon phases, etc etc. So, this month we’re diving all in.

    November Mood Board

    My intentions for November are to prioritize sleep, see more sunrises and sunsets, journal once a week, and work on my yoga practice.

    All of my intentions are drawn from what I need in my life right now, and my leaning toward the mystical side of life. I chose black as the overall color scheme because it’s very often associated with the unexplained and also because sleep was the main thing and pitch black means sleep time. Read more…

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