Preppy Fall Outfit Inspired by Veronica Lodge

    pumpkin patch outfit caitlyn stone

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    Yo girl may or may not have rolled up to a pumpkin patch the day before it closed. No shame.

    Anyway, I wanted to make sure I made it to one this year because I wasn’t feeling very fall and because I actually wanted to buy pumpkins! That great big one you see up there is Cecilia and she is currently guarding my dorm. She was also a beast to carry, and my arms were so sore. I should have grabbed a wagon to lug her along but I was about to leave anyway.

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    9 Things I Learned Growing up a Military Brat

    9 Things I Learned Growing Up a Military Brat | College with Caitlyn

    I usually put up a new post every Sunday, but this week’s post couldn’t wait another day. Why? Because today is Veteran’s Day and I have things to say. You see, my dad is was in the military, (Wow. I just realized I have to say “was” now because he retired like two months ago.) which makes me a military brat.

    Don’t worry, I’m not insulting myself. “Military brat” is just the term for children with a military parent. Although, I didn’t hear the term myself until I was well into high school and I was offended the first time I heard it since I didn’t know any better.

    In honor of Veteran’s day and my dad’s recent retirement, I’m going to be sharing nine things I learned from growing up in a military family. I thought this would be a cool little way to connect with you who are a part of military families as well but also to give those who aren’t some insight into what military life is really like. Read more…